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Steel Toe Shoes not only has a reputation for having one of the largest selections of steel toe shoes on the market, they also have great customer service.  They seem genuinely interested in getting their customers the right size and the most comfortable shoe or boot.  They are family owned and treat their employees with the respect that they deserve.  That's why they always seem genuinely happy and willing to help on their customer service line.  Their website is very easy to use, giving you a simple shopping experience. Their great service also includes:

  • Free shipping
  • No sales tax
  • Over 800 styles to choose from.
Steel Toe Shoes: What makes it different?
Steel Toe Shoes  is a great place to shop because:
  • Steel Toe Shoes has great customer service.
  • They sell many different styles of all major brands that make steel toe shoes.
  • They have free shipping with an option to pay for speedier service.
  • No taxes.
  • They specialize in just steel toe and composite shoes.
Best Available Steel Toe Shoes Coupon:
Steel Toe Shoes vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Steel Toe Shoes)

When searching for steel toe shoes on Google, one of the first sites that comes up with Steel Toe Shoes is  They also sell work boots and steel toe shoes, but that's not exactly their specialty.  They sell all kinds of other shoes like sandals as well.  Just like Steel Toe Shoes, they also offer free shipping and no taxes.  But the similarities fall apart if someone searches for reviews about  The reviews outside are anything but positive and there are plenty of them.  One such review from reads like this:

Review from-

"This company does not honor its return policy.  They claim can return item within 30 days, and provide pre-paid UPS shipping labels.  Sounds great, right?  I returned the shoes I purchased the day after they were delivered.  They were EXTREMELY uncomfortable. did not contact me about the return, but rather mailed the shoes right back to me with a note stating that they were not defective.  This is beyond poor customer service.  The return policy is an outright lie."             --Review from-

That is quite a negative review when compared to this testimonial from Steel Toe Shoes.

"I have to say...I'm impressed!  I returned a pair of composite toe shoes as defective. To be honest, I expected somewhat of a runaround. I had worn them twice, thinking they only needed to be broken in. You not only let me return them, but you sent a new pair. I received a new pair of shoes earlier this week...I've worn them for 12 hours today at work and my feet are loving them. The problem that existed with the pair I returned is not an issue with the new pair. THANK YOU! I will be ordering again!!!"
- Denise W. 

Steel Toe Shoes: Product images & screenshots
Steel Toe Shoes Coupons
Steel Toe Shoes: Detailed review

The moment anyone arrives at Steel Toe Shoes, it's very easy to see why so many people by their steel toe shoes from them.  Their site is easy to navigate and checking out is fast. They will also prominently display any items they have on clearance making sure to give their customers a good deal.

Not only do they carry major brands like Timberland, Wolverine, Converse, Dickies and Puma, they also offer no tax, free shipping and a huge selection that allows customers to find the style and type of shoe or boot that they want.  Steel Toe Shoes also thought of little things that make the customer happy, such as:

  • A clear and concise return policy that is both fair and lenient.
  • They offer free catalogs which are great for businesses.
  • Their customer service line is open 24 hours a day.

Steel Toe Shoes's testimonials page has some of the usual testimonials where the customer said that they got their order in a quick manner, or they got exactly what they ordered, but some of those testimonials give some insight on the attention to customer service that Steel Toe Shoes gives. 

-"Thank you so much for answering my question so fast. This helped me so much. I have been so satisfied with your company and look forward to making my next purchase. I really appreciate how well you take care of your customers and I will make your company the only place I buy my work boots from. Again, thank you so much."

- James K.

Their other testimonials appear here

Best Available Steel Toe Shoes Coupon:
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